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Mei | Director & Company Secretary

My passion for lifelong learning and giving back to the community are key factors that motivated me to get involved in Eluceo. I know from my own experience that learning and developing new skills and knowledge can open doors to brand new and exciting opportunities.

I bring to Eluceo 30 years’ experience working in systems engineering and business development in major companies. I hold a BSc (Salford) and PhD (Manchester) in Engineering and am a member of the IET. My lifelong learning experience involves various Open University courses, a Diploma in Philosophy (Oxford) and an MSc in Philosophy of Mental Disorder (King's College, London).


Peter | Director

As my background is technical it was only natural that Terri should approach me to build the Eluceo website. I am now responsible for the technical development of the Eluceo websites and applications.

I am keen supporter of open source initiatives and have contributed to a number of their projects. Finding new ways to improve energy efficiency and the automation of domestic property is another area I like to explore.

I bring to Eluceo 40 years’ experience working as a principle systems engineer in major companies. I hold a BSc in Electronic Engineering and a PhD in Control Theory from the University of Manchester, and am a Chartered Engineer and member of the IET.


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