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Discover your top in-demand strengths, including skills and work styles, which every employer needs. Gain a better understanding of yourself in the workplace, and communicate these effectively to employers or use them to hand-pick your perfect career.


Struggling to know what careers are suitable for you? Overwhelmed by the number of careers available? iShine offers your 21st Century career ideas, matched to YOUR strengths and interests, giving you clarity and empowering you to pursue your dream career.

Career insights

Want to find out more about a specific career? Find the ideal career for YOUR values and work-life balance, through our career insights. iShine offers you a quick and easy way to obtain the career information you need all in one place.

Match your strengths

Gain a detailed appreciation of how your strengths are best suited to a career and where you need to improve so you can find yourself at the front of the queue for an interview.

Improve Strengths

Skills Development

In today’s working world, continuous development is vital. Find out how you can excel in your career journey, and where and how to gain these new skills.

What If?

If you’re looking to gain more qualifications, find out how they will affect your skills and career choices in advance. iShine takes the risk out of career plans, so you have the confidence to work towards your goals and don’t regret that wasted time and effort.

Career Goals

Grow your career through our webinars, workshops, downloads and online courses. Brought to you in association with our hand-picked expert partners, see yourself proudly over the finish line, whether it’s in a new job, identifying your perfect career or focusing on your work-life balance so you stay happy.


Job vacancies at your fingertips. Apply for jobs as and when they go live in your chosen career.

One-to-one coaching

With so many experts all in one app, see your career dreams go far. Whether you need help with your motivation, personal branding, resilience, networking, career vision or job hunting we’ll match you to your perfect coach, to save you time and give you peace of mind.

On the go

Whether you would prefer working towards your career on the move, or in the comfort of your own home, iShine online or our mobile app will suit your needs and lifestyle.

Continuous career development

We know that a career is not for life - so when you need to make that next career move, iShine will help you achieve your goals all over again.

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