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Eluceo includes affiliate links in some of pages of the website. The links could be to a product or to the Homepage of a retailer website. Eluceo earns a small commission (also known as “affiliate revenue”) when a user clicks a link on our content and buys a product that we have featured or from the retailer website. Any article that contains an affiliate link is clearly labelled.

Eluceo content is never influenced by the retailers and is not written for the purpose of promoting a product.

What is affiliate revenue?

Affiliate revenue is a small percentage of commission shared between retailers, publishers and affiliate networks that connect them.

How does it work?

Eluceo works with an affiliate aggregator called Skimlinks. Skimlinks has a relationship with thousands of retailers and publishers, and places tracking codes to a retailer link in an article or ‘Shop for Schools’ page if appropriate. The tracking code recognises when a user clicks on a link at which point it drops a cookie on the user’s device that is able to confirm if the user makes a purchase from the retailer’s website. Skimlinks then attributes a commission from the sale to Eluceo.

How will Eluceo user data be used by Skimlinks?

Skimlinks uses cookies that contain a unique identifier. The data collected by these cookies is used solely for the purpose of tracking a purchase. Further information on what data is collected and how it is used can be found below. The Eluceo does not share any of its own data with Skimlinks or the third-party websites that a user visits when following an affiliate link.

Skimlinks stores information, using cookies and device identifiers, about:

- the websites that users visit if these contain affiliate links;

- the affiliate links users click on;

- and whether they make a purchase.

Further information about the cookies Skimlinks uses to collect this information can be found here.

Skimlinks stores users’ IP addresses, from which Skimlinks can determine a user’s approximate location (e.g. country or region). Skimlinks uses this information to provide geographically relevant affiliate links. This data is also used to provide aggregate reporting to the Eluceo and the retailer on the location of users visiting sites with affiliate links. Skimlinks also uses IP addresses to reduce fraud and identify non-human browsing patterns.

Skimlinks stores information about the device and browser type and version used to access sites where affiliate links are used. This helps Skimlinks to diagnose and fix browser compatibility issues and provide aggregate reporting.

As well as the information available in standard web server logs (i.e. IP address, date/time page requested and referrer page), Skimlinks also stores information about the web page with the affiliate link that the user clicked.

Skimlinks collects information on visits and sales on sites to which the affiliate links lead, including but not limited to: order value, products bought, and order identifiers. These are used to help publishers, retailers and advertisers make better marketing and content creation decisions.

If you do not want Skimlinks to store data about the websites you visit, the links you click and the merchants you buy from, you can opt out here. This will mean Skimlinks will not drop Skimlinks cookies when you browse websites with affiliate links. You can also find the link to opt out in our Privacy Policy.

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